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Les Misérables Prompt Fest
08 14 13
Welcome to the Prompting Post!
Prompting will be open until August 31st 12PM EST!



Please read this post carefully before submitting any prompt(s) :)

I don't have a LiveJournal account, can I still submit a prompt?
Yes! As long as you leave us your username (either from tumblr, AO3, dreamwith, etc) EVERYONE CAN JOIN!

Do I have to fill something in order to prompt something?
No. This isn't an exchange fest, so you don't have to write/draw/vid for a prompt in return (though you're more than welcome to do so either way!).

How many prompts can I leave?
There is no limit as to how many prompts you can submit, but we ask you to please consider prompting only the things you really want to see filled. Keep each new prompt as a separate comment!

What counts as a prompt?
As was previously stated in our FAQs, a prompt can be anything: from a poem to an image, a song, a place, idea, etc. Just keep in mind the following:
►If your prompt has NSFW content or is related in any form to dub-con/non-con scenarios you must state it.
►For image and video prompts, you will be required to use a link.
►Make sure to use the appropriate warnings :)

Prompts should be in the following format:
LJ/TUMBLR/AO3/ETC USERNAME: THIS PART IS VITAL. We need your name in order to accept your prompt--every comment on the prompting post will be screened, so no one will know who prompted what. We won't post your username until after all the works have been finished and posted, unless you request otherwise.
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Gen, Het, Slash, Femslash, Threesomes, Moresomes--everything is welcomed. You can include more than one pairing, just keep in mind that the first one you mention is the one we'll take as the main pairing (for organizing reasons).
Era/verse: (Canon--Brick verse, Movie verse, Musical verse; Historical AU, College AU, Coffee Shop AU, etc.).
Prompt: All details of your prompt go here. If it is an image or a video, please post the direct link to it. Please DO NOT embed images/videos into your comment. If it is a song you can include part of the lyrics in your comment, but if your prompt is the entire song please leave a link to a lyric site instead. Remember to warn for NSFW items and warn for any potential triggers.
Special Request(s) (optional): If there's a certain scene in your head that you'd like to see represented, or if you'd like to see a specific trope, you can say so here :)
Things you don't want (Squicks): You're highly encouraged to list the things you definitely don't want in your potential fill here.
Maximum Rating: Self-explanatory--what is the maximum rating you'd like on your potential fill? (This doesn't exactly mean that the potential fill will have the specific rating you say, it's simply a guideline for authors/artists to know their restrictions :P)
Anything else (optional): Anything you'd like to add :) (if you don't want your name to be attached to the potential fill for your prompt, you can say so here).

What is NOT allowed?
All prompts must be for original fic/art/vids. Please do not request art/fic/vids for an existing Les Mis fic/fanart. Similarly, please do not request a sequel and/or missing scene/coda to an existing fic.
►This is a kink-friendly fest, and the only thing we will ask you not to prompt/write/draw is underage non-con/dub-con, whether both characters are underage or just one of them is. For the purpose of this fest, underage will be defined as anyone under the legal age of consent in the UK, which is currently 16 years old. This rule still stands even if your prompt/fic/art/vid is set in an era when the law was different. Other than that, all kinks are welcome here.
No character/ship bashing allowed. If the mods feel your prompt may create ship wars/wank/bad feeling we may delete it and/or ask you to re-word it.

Prompting Guidelines
Please leave your prompts in a comment(s) to this post only.
►Please use the prompting form provided for each of your prompts. Mods will delete/ask you to re-post any prompts which do not follow this format.
►Please remember to give the relevant credit (where applicable) for quotes/pics/songs/etc and, if necessary/possible, ask permission from the person(s) they belong to before prompting. E.g.: If you want to use another LJ user's personal filming pic as a prompt.
Please remember not to embed pics/vids into your comment, but to leave a direct link to them instead. And please don't forget to warn for any NSFW links.
►All prompts will be screened and the prompter's name will be removed before it is transferred to the claiming post. The prompter's name will be added back when the fic/art/vid is posted, unless the prompter requests otherwise.

Prompting Form
Please copy, paste and fill the following form into your comment(s):

►All comments are screened.
►Anyone can submit a prompt, whether or not they're planning to fill something.
►Prompting closes August 31st.
►Have fun!!<3
If there are any more questions/comments/concerns, feel free to PM rueplumetmod, email us at rueplumetmod@gmail.com, or leave us an ask on our tumblr.
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