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Les Misérables Prompt Fest
07 31 13 - [sticky post]
Hello! Welcome to rueplumet, a kink/pairing/genre friendly prompt-based anon fest of Les Misérables; this includes all verses, be it movie, play, or the original Victor Hugo novel. All types of works are accepted (fanfiction, fanart, videos). Femslash, slash, gen, threesomes, moresomes, etc. are all welcomed! Anything and everything is possible here :) we just ask that you keep in mind that everyone should be of legal age, and even though underage fic is allowed, the legal age of consent is 16 (ie no one should be under the age of 16).

Please know that while this fest is being hosted on livejournal, you do not need to have an LJ account to participate. Anon comments will be open so that anyone who doesn't have an LJ account can submit/claim prompts. We just ask that you give us the name of your tumblr/ao3 account/fanfiction.net account/etc. (email, if you're filling something) so that we know who you are.


1. What exactly is the rueplumet fest?
rueplumet is a fic/art/vid fest for Les Misérables, in which you submit a prompt and someone else fills it, whether with fic, an art piece, or a video. The prompts can be anything (a line of poetry, video, picture, quote, etc.) so long as everyone follows the format for submitting prompts.

2. Do I have to participate in the fest in order to leave a prompt?
No. You can leave your prompt(s) without having to fill anything in return. Although, you are more than welcome to both submit prompts and fill any prompt that you like! What this means is that non-writers/artists are welcome to participate in the fest as well :)

3. What do you mean anonymous?
By anonymous we mean that all comments for prompting and claiming will be screened so that no one knows who submitted what prompt, and no one knows who is writing for what prompt, so please don't discuss your prompt/work publicly until after the reveals post! There's a specific posting format for this fest, to make everything easier for everyone.

4. Are there any specifications on how fic/art/vid should be?
FIC: We ask that your fic has a minimum of 1,000 words in length. You are not required to have a beta, however, it is strongly encouraged.
ART: Art should be a completed piece of work (no WIPs, no sketches). We accept every form of art--be it traditional as well as digital (graphics and photomanips as well).
VIDEOS: Videos must be a minimum of a minute (60 seconds) long.
NOTE: Regardless of the type of fanwork you submit, your work must be a standalone piece. This means, no prequels/sequels, or any sort of resemblance of anything previously created by you. Pieces must also NOT be WIPs. If you're having trouble with your fill, please let us know!

5. How many times can a prompt be selected?
A prompt can be selected once by a writer, once by an artist, and once by a vidder. Once those positions are filled, it can not be selected by anyone else.

6. Can I claim more than one prompt?
You can only claim one prompt in the claiming post. However, if you finish your work early, you can choose another prompt that isn't taken. You will have to submit your work to the mods to prove that you're able to accept another.

7. So, when does it all start?
Prompting opens: August 14, 2013
Prompting closes: August 31, 2013
Viewing post goes up: September 1, 2013
Claiming opens: September 2, 2013
Claiming closes: September 18, 2013
Fics/art/videos due: November 16, 2013
Posting begins: November 18, 2013

►There will be zero tolerance for bashing/flaming and being disrespectful in any way. This includes, of course, character/pairing bashing and/or "ship wars". If one of the mods feels that your prompt/fic/art/vid/comment does violate these rules we reserve the right to delete it and/or ban you from the comm.
►If you have any problems making any of the deadlines, please, please email the mods at rueplumetmod@gmail.com as soon as possible. Communication is key when it comes to extensions and such.
►If you've finished and want to submit your work early, feel free to do so. Remember that this means that if you would like to claim another prompt, you can do it. Just submit another comment on the claims post.
►If you absolutely can't make the deadlines, let me know as soon as possible.


As it was previously stated, you can prompt anything: from a poem to an image, a song, a place, idea, etc. Just keep in mind that if your prompt has NSFW content or is related in any form to dub-con/non-con scenarios you must state it; in the case of prompt images, you will be required to use a link. Make sure to use the appropriate warnings :)

If it's needed, there shall be more information in the prompting post. The general format we ask you to follow is this:
LJ/TUMBLR/AO3/ETC USERNAME: THIS PART IS VITAL. We need your name in order to accept your prompt--every comment on the prompting post will be screened, so no one will know who prompted what. We won't post your username until after all the works have been finished and posted, unless you request otherwise.
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Gen, Het, Slash, Femslash, Threesomes, Moresomes--everything is welcomed. You can include more than one pairing, just keep in mind that the first one you mention is the one we'll take as the main pairing (for organizing reasons).
Era/verse: (Canon--Brick verse, Movie verse, Musical verse; Historical AU, College AU, Coffee Shop AU, etc.).
Prompt: All details of your prompt go here. If it is an image or a video, please post the direct link to it. Please DO NOT embed images/videos into your comment. If it is a song you can include part of the lyrics in your comment, but if your prompt is the entire song please leave a link to a lyric site instead. Remember to warn for NSFW items as well as warn for any potential triggers.
Special Request(s) (optional): If there's a certain scene in your head that you'd like to see represented, or if you'd like to see a specific trope, you can say so here :)
Things you don't want (Squicks): You're highly encouraged to list here the things you definitely don't want in your potential fill.
Maximum Rating: Self-explanatory--what is the maximum rating you'd like on your potential fill? (This doesn't exactly mean that the potential fill will have the specific rating you say, it's simply a guideline for authors/artists to know their restrictions :P)
Anything else (optional): Anything you'd like to add :) (if you don't want your name to be attached to the potential fill for your prompt, you can say so here).
There is no limit as to how many prompts you can submit, but we ask you to please consider prompting only the things you really want to see filled, not just anything. Keep each new prompt as a separate comment.


As you read a few lines back, this fest is anonymous and all the works must be new. Regardless of the type of fanwork you'll submit, you must email us your final piece before the deadline at rueplumetmod@gmail.com.

There are three ways to post your work:
►AO3: Those with AO3 accounts that wish to publish their work on the site may do so by posting it under our anonymous collection; we'll link to the piece in the community. Once reveals happen, the works will be listed back to its author's page.
►Community: If you don't have an AO3 account or don't want your work there, your work will be posted in the community. Keep in mind that however you send us your work will be the way that we'll post it, so please check for mistakes and that your html codes are alright.
►Dropbox: If you are a vidder, you will be asked to upload your video to a Dropbox account for anonymity.
All of this will be further explained in the submission post.

A word about betas:
While we encourage/highly recommend having a beta, it is not a requirement to have one. However, if there are significant grammatical problems, we will send the work back and ask that you have a beta look over it. Don't worry, there will be a beta post for anyone who wishes to volunteer. It's fairly obvious that your beta will know which prompt you are working on, but please make sure you're the only people that do.

The mods of this fest understand that life can get in the way sometimes, and we are not going to kill you or kick you out if you absolutely cannot make a deadline/have to drop out. What we do ask is that if you can't, for whatever reason, make a deadline, to please send us an email, a PM, or a message on our tumblr account letting us know that you need an extension/need to drop out/etc. We will work with you as best as we can and hopefully no one will drop out, but again, if you absolutely need to drop out let us know as soon as possible.

If you finish early you can go ahead and email your fill to rueplumetmod@gmail.com, and you have the option to choose another prompt to work with :) Remember that only prompts that haven't been claimed are available for choosing, so please take it into consideration.

If there are any more questions/comments/concerns, feel free to leave a comment in this post, PM rueplumetmod, email us at rueplumetmod@gmail.com, or leave us an ask on our tumblr.

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