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Les Misérables Prompt Fest
07 31 13 - [sticky post] Welcome!
Hello! Welcome to rueplumet, a kink/pairing/genre friendly prompt-based anon fest of Les Misérables; this includes all verses, be it movie, play, or the original Victor Hugo novel. All types of works are accepted (fanfiction, fanart, videos). Femslash, slash, gen, threesomes, moresomes, etc. are all welcomed! Anything and everything is possible here :) we just ask that you keep in mind that everyone should be of legal age, and even though underage fic is allowed, the legal age of consent is 16 (ie no one should be under the age of 16).

Please know that while this fest is being hosted on livejournal, you do not need to have an LJ account to participate. Anon comments will be open so that anyone who doesn't have an LJ account can submit/claim prompts. We just ask that you give us the name of your tumblr/ao3 account/fanfiction.net account/etc. (email, if you're filling something) so that we know who you are.

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Hello everyone!

The mods of this fest would like to take the time to thank each and everyone of you who participated and made this fest possible. The fanworks that came from this are amazing and you should all take a look at any of the ones you missed. Thanks to the people who commented, to the prompters, the writers, the artists and to everyone who was a part of this fest. Seriously, you guys have been great.


Below you will find the masterlist of all the works posted, as well as the reveals.

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Everyone can now feel free to repost their work to wherever they like. And once again, thank you so much to everyone!
Author: toastandbrokenpromises (tumblr)
Title: I Thought Leaders Didn't Get Sick
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Enjolras/Grantaire, Joly, Bossuet, Jehan
Rating: PG
Summary: Enjolras is a nightmare when he's sick, and he can't stand burdening his friends with it. Naturally, they send new guy Grantaire to check on him. Unfortunately, he's the last person Enjolras wanted to see him like that.
Warnings (if any): None
Total Word Count/Length: 2285w
Original prompt number: #21

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Author: Wanderer (wanderer-of-fandoms @tumblr/ricky_phoenix)
Title: Untitled
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Combeferre, Enjolras
Rating: PG
Summary: Combeferre likes taking pictures
Warnings (if any): None
Total Word Count/Length: 1,460w
Original prompt number: #9

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Artist: Lauren (acesius @tumblr)
Title: Untitled Superhero AU
Characters: Joly/Bossuet/Grantaire
Rating: G
Summary: OP asked for superheroes, I may have gone a little overboard designing a superhero AU (complete with obligatory Magical Girl pose).
Original Prompt Number: #29
Artist's Notes: KEEPING IT BRIEF in regards to relative superpowers, I gave Bossuet Power Augmentation - he can boost the abilities of others for a short time through skin contact (he can’t turn it off, so he wears gloves). Jolllly, with his ailes, has Wing Manifestation going on, but also Induced Healing. Again it only works through skin contact, but he can sense what’s wrong (aided by his medical knowledge) and either heal someone completely or get them well on their way to full health. Grantaire, the poor wee bairn, gets uncontrollable Telepathic Perception. He can hear everyone’s minds - within a certain radius - all the time, and he’s not very good at shutting them all out (alcohol helps).
THERE ARE MORE RAMBLINGS and also some doodles, so come find me after the reveal if you're interested.

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Author: skeletonsmama (AO3)
Title: To Catch a Thief
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Enjolras/Grantaire
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Enjolras has the best luck in the world; until he doesn’t. Now he has to find the mystery man he kissed on New Year’s Eve in order to switch their lucks back.
A Just My Luck AU
Warnings (if any): No warnings apply
Total Word Count/Length: ~10,700w
Original prompt number: #17
Author's/Artist's/Vidder's notes (if any): None
Beta: CaptainSlippery on AO3, Rachel

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Author: InvertedTurtle (AO3)
Title: To Hear and Not Understand
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Either pre-slash Valjean/Javert or unrequited Valjean/Javert, you decide. And OCs.
Rating: Soft R or hard pg13.
Summary: Four people in Montreuil-sur-Mer who, for varying reasons, sat up and took notice when Javert spoke. Usually not because of what he was saying.
Warnings (if any): Aggressive propositioning by a prostitute. Valjean being a closet pervert. (Unless you're into those sorts of things:)
Total Word Count/Length: 1,857w
Original prompt number: #1
Author's notes: I doubt this is what the original prompter had in mind, but when the deadline stared me in the face and the words finally started flowing I didn't argue with them.

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Author: musamihi (AO3)
Title: The Best Part of Faith
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Enjolras/Grantaire
Rating: PG
Summary: In the grip of fever, Grantaire attempts to explain himself – and succeeds, through no fault of his own.
Warnings (if any): Mild illness
Total Word Count/Length: 3,900w
Original prompt number: #49
Author's notes: Based on a line from the prompt's 'I See You,' by Mika (youtube) - why go risking the way I see you?

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